The story:
In March 2020, Enca Enzo Caen, an activist sculpture artist from Ghent and living in Orxeta on the Costa Blanca, decided to respond to the Covid pandemic and how… He built a giant egg no less than 5.4 m high and 12 m in circumference, more he processed more than 6 tons of material. It is lined with hundreds of stars inside and the devil sits in a withered tree with the covid virus in his hands.
Enzo made the world press with his “Huevo del Tiempo” because… The egg is not just an egg, it is a time capsule. More than 600 letters from famous and lesser known people are sealed in it. In 2030 the letters will be read and compiled. They tell the stories of many people who have experienced covid first-hand, just like the artist himself. He lost his brother and both parents to this virus.
The combination egg and cat:
At the end of 2021, a collaboration was established between the artist and Kattenadvies iVZW.
The UBASTI HUEVO became a fact.
The symbolism is based on the ancient Egyptians and the seven plagues. The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats because they protected their grain from pests, rats and mice.
Now this cat protects us from the terrible virus called "covid". Inside the eggs is the Devil with his latest toy, the covid virus... Let's leave him there and his play will eventually victimize him himself... The cat keeps him from getting out, not even the virus, no one can get in. El Ubasti Huevo or the Bastet egg symbolically ensures that you no longer get infected and that the virus stays far away from you and your loved ones.
You also support a wonderful organization, THE link between Mens & Kat. And this work is UNIQUE, AUTHENTIC and HANDMADE. No one else has a copy, only available at Kattenadvies.

We are very grateful to Enca Enzo Caen for his UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION!!! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TO YOU WHO READ THIS - #ubastihuevo